Mundipharma launches Pelmeg®▼(pegfilgrastim) biosimilar in Europe

Mundipharma launches Pelmeg®▼

Mundipharma launches Pelmeg®(pegfilgrastim) biosimilar in Europe. It is now available in Germany, the Netherlands and Ireland.

The Mundipharma network of independent associated companies has announced the launch of Pelmeg® (pegfilgrastim), a biosimilar of Neulasta® following European Commission (EC) approval in November 2018. Pelmeg is the fourth biosimilar medicine to be commercialised by Mundipharma, expanding its portfolio and commercial footprint across Europe. It was developed by Cinfa Biotech which was acquired by Mundipharma and announced in October 2018.

Now available in Germany, the Netherlands and Ireland, Pelmeg is indicated for the reduction of the duration of neutropenia and the incidence of febrile neutropenia in adult patients treated with cytotoxic chemotherapy for malignancy (with the exception of chronic myeloid leukaemia and myelodysplastic syndromes).

“We are delighted that Pelmeg is now available in these countries. Pelmeg has the potential to play an important role in improving the lives of patients affected by chemotherapy induced neutropenia and febrile neutropenia,” said Philippe Bastide, Head of Biosimilars, Europe.

“Through our partnership with Celltrion, we estimate Remsima® and Truxima® have already saved European healthcare systems approximately €330m. If all patients currently being treated with the reference product are offered access to Pelmeg, further significant savings can be realised for the healthcare community.”

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