Milner Therapeutics Institute expands therapeutic alliance

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The Milner Therapeutics Institute at the University of Cambridge has gathered 65 organisations together to be part of their global therapeutic alliance.

The alliance includes seven pharmaceutical companies and three Cambridge academic institutions, all of whom have signed a consortium agreement, with associated funding, to engage in collaborative research in Cambridge.

The latest pharmaceutical company to join the consortium is Janssen Biotech, one of the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson.  This arrangement was facilitated by Johnson & Johnson Innovation.

In addition to the three academic institutions in Cambridge, there are now 14 affiliated academic institutions from around the world including Spain, USA, Australia and South Korea. The Milner Therapeutics Institute will connect and enable collaborative research between the affiliated institutions within the alliance.

The alliance has 39 affiliated companies, such as product and service providers and SMEs, who have joined the alliance since March 2016 to form a cohesive community to accelerate ideas into therapies. Two affiliated venture partners, Amadeus Capital and Cambridge Innovation Capital, provide mentoring and potential funding opportunities.

Dr. Richard Mason, Head of Johnson & Johnson Innovation, London, said: “We are delighted to work with the Milner Therapeutics Institute to enable collaborative research with Cambridge scientists, which will help us to better understand disease processes and identify new drug targets.”

Professor Tony Kouzarides, Director of the Milner Therapeutics Institute added: “Janssen and Johnson & Johnson Innovation bring great scientific and business insight to the Milner Therapeutics Consortium. We plan to work closely with them to identify relevant research and collaborative partners to help fuel and validate new therapeutic solutions.”

The alliance is currently seeking academic and industrial partners to work in all therapeutics areas.