Market for vaccine temperature control solutions continues to grow

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World Immunisation Week, takes place between 24-30th April and aims to increase rates of immunisation and to ensure that every person is protected against vaccine-preventable diseases around the world.

Immunisation programmes currently avert two to three million deaths a year, but over one and half million could be avoided if vaccination coverage improved. Efforts to tackle preventable diseases isn’t limited to the world’s poorest countries – every year millions of doses of the latest flu vaccine are flown to countries across the developed world.

The transportation of vaccines remains a complex and delicate process. It’s essential they are kept at a temperature of between two and eight degrees.

Solution provider, IAG Cargo, offers a temperature-controlled air freight solution – Constant Climate. It delivers all the care and precision needed for the transportation of vaccines, or any other temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical material to ensure the right temperate each step of the way. Vaccines make up some of their most important shipments and account for around 30-40% of our business.

The strong growth of this market can be attributed to numerous factors including the increase in investment in research and development (R&D) by government funding agencies. Also, the launch of the Universal Immunisation Program (UIP) aimed at increased immunisation coverage against vaccine preventable diseases in the country has also significantly added to the market growth. Moreover, with advancement in technology, the vaccine production capacity along with cold chain storage facilities have also been improved.