Lilly wins first patient lawsuit for Zyprexa


Eli Lilly has won its first trial over health risks concerning its anti-psychotic drug, Zyprexa.

It is the first of 40 outstanding patient lawsuits involving the medication that claim the company concealed the drug’s side effects from patients and doctors.

Approximately 31,000 patient lawsuits were originally filed, most of which were covered by a $1.2 billion settlement, leaving 110 patient claims pending in 40 lawsuits.

The case in Los Angeles was filed by the family of a 20-year-old student who died while taking Zyprexa. They said that Lilly hid the medicine’s safety risks whilst marketing the medication for both approved and off-label uses in the US.

The lawsuit also claimed that the pharmaceutical company trained its sales representatives to counteract questions regarding risks of weight gain and diabetes linked to Zyprexa.

In addition to its settlement deal of $1.2 billion, Lilly also paid $1.42 billion for federal off-label marketing investigations and $260 million for state claims.