Lilly responds to IPF survey

In response to the Independent Pharmacy Federation’s (IPF) survey, which noted Eli Lilly amongst the top three pharma companies to present the greatest difficulties in obtaining medicine supplies, a spokesperson for Lilly UK issued the below statement:

“Lilly is committed to ensuring that UK patients have access to our medicines and consequently distributes more than sufficient medicine to meet UK demand, through our direct to pharmacy distribution system.”

This is administered by two Logistic Services Providers (LSPs) and backed up by an emergency service; whereby a pharmacy can phone Lilly direct on our free phone number 0800 012 1178 and we will arrange a delivery at the next available opportunity – typically within 24 hours.”

Lilly UK is confident that our direct to pharmacy procedures provide a good and robust service to patients and pharmacists and adheres to the joint guidance: “Best Practice for Ensuring the Efficient Supply and Distribution of Medicines to Patients” and “Trading Medicines for Human Use: Shortages and Supply Chain Obligations”, issued by the Department of Health (DH).”

While we continually review and update our own procedures to ensure that every UK patient has access to our medicines, the difficulties experienced in providing consistent supply of medicines have been acknowledged by the DH as being caused – at least in part – by product diversion.”

For Lilly, one of our specific concerns is around the diversion of olanzapine (Zyprexa). This is likely to be a significant contributing factor in the IPF’s findings due to the impact these shortages have.”

We encourage the IPF to lend its support to driving adoption of the recent Department of Health guidelines and as well as sharing the results and methodology of its survey with us directly so that we may better understand their findings.”

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