Lilly launches depression app

Lilly has launched a new smart phone app to support those with depression and encourage an ‘active’ recovery.

In a bid to use technology to support people with depression, Lilly has announced the launch of a new phone app to improve communication between patients and health professionals, encouraging sufferers to be active in their recovery.

Talking Progress, the new app available on all smart phones, allows users to monitor their mood and make notes to be shared with health professionals. The app also provides information, encourages patients to ask questions and offers reminders to take medication.

Lilly medical spokesman Alan Lennox Smith said: “We were able to create an interactive tool which allows patients to be active participants in their recovery through understanding their symptoms and improving communication with their healthcare professional.”

This new app responds to suggestions that communication and treatment adherence are key in encouraging recovery in the depressed, and is part of Lilly’s move to use innovative technologies to promote growth within the company.