launch of flutiform® k-haler® for UK asthma patients

Keytruda approved by NICE

Napp Pharmaceuticals Limited has announced that flutiform k-haler is now available for adults and adolescents living with asthma, where the use of a combination product ICS and LABA is appropriate.

This announcement marks the UK as the first country where the flutiform k-haler is available; further launches are anticipated across other European countries in the coming months.

flutiform k-haler is an award-winning breath-actuated aerosol device utilising a patented ‘kinked’ valve – the k-valve™. It is activated by a low inspiratory force and is designed with the aim to make it easier for patients to use correctly. flutiform k-haler will be the first breath-actuated ICS/LABA combination aerosol inhaler available in Europe. flutiform k-haler was approved through the European Decentralised Procedure (DCP), with the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) acting as the Reference Member State for the DCP, which covers 18 countries across Europe.

Asthma is a debilitating long-term chronic health condition that remains a major problem for the 4.3 million adults receiving treatment in the UK. Sub-optimal asthma control remains a major problem for patients, with a potentially life-threatening asthma attack taking place every 10 seconds. Approximately five million adults and children in the UK take medication for this disease, but as many as half are not taking it properly. Evidence suggests that the type of inhalation device and patient preference are important factors influencing treatment outcomes in asthma patients.8 Furthermore, ongoing training may also influence the efficiency of drug delivery, patient adherence and long-term control.

Dr Paul Schofield, Medical Director at Napp said, “Asthma attacks hospitalise someone every eight minutes in the UK, costing the NHS approximately £1 billion a year to treat, manage and care for people with asthma. As a partner to the NHS, we understand there is still an unmet need for effective treatment options. The approval of flutiform k-haler is great news for people living with asthma, who struggle to successfully manage their disease. Patients can struggle to use their inhalers correctly due to the need to properly co-ordinate the press and inhale, which can worsen their asthma and lead to exacerbations. The flutiform k-haler has been designed with patients in mind, requiring only a gentle inhalation to trigger the dose release, with the aim to help patients reduce critical errors and improve long-term outcomes.”