Lancashire health & wellbeing board highlights priorities

 Lancashire’s health and wellbeing board has identified four main priorities to improve the quality of care for local residents, board papers have revealed.

Improving the quality of services for mothers and young children, people with mental health issues, long-term conditions and for the elderly were all identified in its draft strategy.

The document said the purpose of the strategy was to “achieve shifts in the way that partners work”, which the board hopes will create a “greater impact on the health and wellbeing” in the region.

Priorities were identified by the board after analysing data and intelligence available through the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment.

The board aims to provide “accessible and effective support and services” to expectant mothers and their families and to “promote and safeguard” the health and wellbeing of children in pre-school.

Promoting emotional health and wellbeing in children and adults and supporting local residents who are affected by mental health problems to play a “full and active role in society” has also been identified.

The board hopes to reduce the incidence of, and mortality from, long-term conditions in the region, as well as improving the quality of life for people with long-term issues and their carers.

Finally, the board aims to increase life expectancy at 65, whilst supporting “older people and their carers” to play a role in local society.

A host of ‘early win interventions’ were also listed within the strategy. These include identifying people at risk of admission into hospital and providing intervention and support for carers of those with dementia.