Lab alliance for AZ and Cancer Research UK

AstraZeneca and Cancer Research UK have entered into a laboratory alliance to explore potential drug targets and speed the development of new treatments.

Scientists from AstraZeneca’s (AZ) biologics unit MedImmune are to work alongside the Cancer Research UK (CRUK) team in a new research facility to be created in Cambridge.

The CRUK-MEDI Laboratory Alliance will run for five years, with the medical charity funding running costs while MedImmune oversees the lab and brings expertise and drug development technology to enhance CRUK’s research and development process.

Bahija Jallal, executive vice president at MedImmune said the alliance “represents an innovative public-private business model for biologic drug development.”

“We will share knowledge and expertise in a dedicated laboratory to discover potentially ground-breaking medicines for cancer patients.”

The new alliance is the second recent public-private research partnership for AZ, with the company having announced plans to open a Centre for Lead Discovery with the UK Medical Research Council in March.