Kneehab rebuilds leg muscles

An electrotherapy system now available in the UK can reverse thigh muscle wastage in people recovering from knee injuries.

Kneehab from Mobilis Rolyan is a new garment-based EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) system to treat quadriceps atrophy.

Designed to accelerate rehabilitation in those recovering from serious knee conditions, Kneehab strengthens and tones the quadriceps muscle.

The system’s neoprene thigh wrap, dual-channel controller and anatomically-shaped electrodes were designed by electrotherapy specialist Neurotech in association with the University College of Dublin’s School of Physiotherapy.

Unlike hand-held EMS units, which can be difficult for patients to apply correctly, the Kneehab consists of a pad-carrier garment with electrode positioning indicators and anatomically-shaped electrode pads. The patented Multipath technology, developed by Neurotech, enables Kneehab to deliver programmable cycles of muscle contraction and relaxation. The control unit gives access to three different programs.

The effectiveness of the system has been verified by clinical tests. A study of its use after ACL reconstruction showed that the Kneehab group demonstrated a clear advantage at the 6-week post-operative follow-up compared with the standard rehabilitation groups.

Satisfied customers include Preston North End footballer Neil Mellor, who used Kneehab as an aid to returning to fitness after several knee operations; and Irish Olympic athlete Eileen O’Keefe, who suffered a serious knee injury and recommends Kneehab for post-operative rehabilitation.

Kneehab is available for purchase or monthly hire by physiotherapists, orthopaedic consultants, sports clubs and patients.

Assistive technology specialist Mobilis Rolyan is based in Huthwaite, Nottinghamshire.