Joint venture agreement to unlock potential of cell and gene therapies and immunotherapies

Joint venture agreement to unlock potential of cell and gene therapies and immunotherapies

Global biotech company Orgenesis, Inc has signed a joint venture agreement with Cure Therapeutics, Inc to advance the development, regulatory and governmental approval, and commercialization of point of care production for both organisations’ cell and gene therapies and immunotherapies.

Orgenesis Inc currently works to unlock the full potential of cell and gene therapies (CGTs), and Cure Therapeutics, Inc develop immuno-oncology and cell and gene therapies to target cancer and infectious diseases.

Under the Agreement, the parties will collaborate in developing and commercialising Cure Therapeutics’ pipeline on a global basis, as well as developing, commercializing and supplying Orgenesis’ therapeutic pipeline in South Korea and Japan. In connection with the Agreement, each of Cure Therapeutics and Orgenesis will contribute at least USD 10 million to the joint venture to cover operating costs, USD 5 million of which may be provided in the form of in-kind contribution.

The first focus of the partnership will be aligning the efforts of both companies to advance proprietary Orgenesis CAR-T, TILS and DUVAC therapies into clinical trials in South Korea and Japan. Process development and validation will be completed by leveraging the POCare Technologies from the Orgenesis platform to achieve automated manufacturing at the point of care.

Vered Caplan, CEO of Orgenesis said: “This collaboration between Orgenesis and Cure Therapeutics further expands our cell and gene therapy pipeline and provides a clear illustration of the international scope of our POCare Platform. We selected Cure Therapeutics as our partner in South Korea and Japan given their expertise in the region, and robust immunotherapy pipeline. Additionally, this Agreement supports Orgenesis’ continued efforts to complement the Orgenesis pipeline and distribution efforts in the United States, Europe and globally.”

David Kim, CEO of Cure Therapeutics said: “The joint venture and partnership with Orgenesis will provide a significant international route to market for our immunotherapies targeting cancers and infectious diseases. Cure Therapeutics will leverage the Orgenesis POCare Network of leading international healthcare institutions to accelerate the international development and market approvals for our portfolio. In parallel, we will leverage our established network to help develop and rapidly advance the Orgenesis cell and gene therapy portfolio in South Korea and Japan.”