Janssen’s Incivo approved in Europe


The European Commission has approved Incivo (telaprevir) for the treatment of genotype-1 chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) in combination with peginterferon alfa and ribavirin.

The decision follows data from clinical studies which showed the direct acting antiviral (DAA) protease inhibitor significantly improved cure rates.

Ramon Polo, Telaprevir Compound Development Team Leader, Tibotec Virco-Virology BVBA, is delighted patients have “a significantly improved treatment option”.

Tibotec Virco-Virology BVBA is a division of Janssen.

Incivo is a class of medicine which offers patients with genotype-1 chronic HCV patients more chance than ever of a cure.

Its approval offers an improved and efficacious therapy regimen when compared to standard treatment with the shortest duration course of medication which is currently available. The DDA protease inhibitor may also reduce the total therapy time by half in the majority of those previously untreated patients and those who have relapsed.

Before the introduction of these inhibitors, treatment for HCV “required a long duration and cured less than half of genotype-1 chronic HCV patients”, said Professor Graham Foster, Queen Mary’s University Hospital of London.