In-house doctors to cheer for GSK products

GlaxoSmithKline will use in-house doctors to champion products in a move towards greater transparency in marketing.

In a recent shake up of their sales and marketing regime, GSK has announced it will use in-house doctors and scientists to present information about their products to negate any suggestions of a lack of transparency in marketing.

The move towards in-house specialists rather than external product champions, which have recently been the norm, will help the company achieve its objective of terminating the practice of funding healthcare professionals to present product information at conferences by 2016.

Diedre Connelly, head of GSK operations in the US, said the company was hopeful that the changes would prevent any criticism of the marketing strategies of the company and make educational activities more transparent.

The change to GSK’s marketing regime comes alongside a shake-up of sales reps’ incentives. The company has confirmed they are moving away from individual targets, instead paying sales reps based on their technical knowledge, customer evaluations and overall performance.

These changes will be implemented immediately across GSK in the UK and the US, and are expected to be extended to other countries later in the year.