HEE puts providers in charge of healthcare training

 The new Heath Education England body has been launched with a mandate to put health provider organisations in charge of NHS training and education.

HEE, which will become a full statutory organisation in April 2013, will authorise and support the new Local Education and Training Boards (LETBs).

The LEBs will contract local providers to train healthcare staff, with the goal of creating a “demand-led workforce”.

The new DH document World Class Education and Training, for World Class Healthcare outlines the role of HEE as “the new national leadership body for education, training and development of the healthcare workforce”.

The document states that HEE will work in partnership with “employers, higher education, professional bodies and Royal Colleges, service commissioners, regulators, Local Authorities and patients” – but with employers “in the driving seat”.

CCGs and Foundation Trusts, together with their commercial partners, will set the agenda for training the NHS workforce “within a coherent national framework”.

Promoting “the spread of innovation across the NHS” is highlighted as a key national function of HEE, which will work in partnership with the Academic Health Science Networks and clinical senates towards this goal.

HEE will be an autonomous arm’s length body free from DH control. In turn, it will support “freedom for local decision making” by providers.

The SHA clusters will remain accountable for healthcare training until their dissolution in March 2013.