Healthera announces £1m collaboration to create digital health solution

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Cambridge-based Healthera has announced the formation of a consortium with Cegedim Rx, the largest provider of pharmacy software in the UK market. The consortium has entered a £1 million, 18-month collaborative agreement, co-funded by Innovate UK, focused on researching and developing a connected digital solution for patients and pharmacies.

The purpose of the collaboration is to create a new digital health solution that will increase the level of medical compliance for patients, improve the efficiency of pharmacy clinical services, and support pharmacies in becoming first-line clinical providers.

The solution will be the first to integrate the patient journey with all aspects of community pharmacy offerings – from medication to services. It has an initial market of 6000 pharmacies covering 15 million patients with long-term conditions. 

With partial funding towards the £1m project coming from Innovate UK, the consortium is able to build an integrated solution around the Prescription Processing Engine that links patients with their medicines and related pharmacy services, bridging the gap between conventional health apps and clinical professionals.

The aims of the project are closely aligned with the government’s priorities to cut medicine wastage, improve patient care, and put pharmacists at the forefront of clinical service delivery, ultimately improving efficiency of public health and creating more highly skilled employment in the healthcare sector.

Both partners in the collaboration hold proprietary technology in their respective sectors. Cegedim Rx, a subsidiary of global healthcare solutions provider Cegedim, has developed mainstream computer software for pharmacies in the UK market for dispensing medicines and delivering patient services. Healthera has developed a suite of digital health solutions aimed at improving patients’ medicine management and ordering experience. In 2016, Healthera filed a patent for a Prescription Processing Engine, a system which extracts and analyses a patient’s prescriptions and makes recommendations for their intake schedule. 

Quintus Liu, Chief Executive Officer of Healthera, said: “The consortium between Healthera and Cegedim Rx is another step forward for the pharmacy sector, with potential to empower thousands of pharmacies with top-of-the-line digital health that ultimately serves millions of NHS patients.”