Haemophilia patients get helping hand from pharma

Biogen Idec and Sobi are doing their bit for haemophilia patients in the developing world by donating clotting treatments.

In a move to support humanitarian projects targeting haemophilia patients in poor countries, Biogen Idec and Sobi have pledged to donate one billion international units of clotting factor therapy over the coming years.

The donation is being made to the World Federation of Haemophilia, with 500 million units being delivered over the next five years and the remaining units being made available for future use.

Biogen and Sobi hope the clotting factor therapy donation will help ensure a sustainable supply of the treatment in the world’s poorest countries over the coming years, improving the standard of patient care.

Dr George Scangos, chief executive officer of Biogen Idec, said: “Haemophilia occurs all over the world and this donation will provide some level of care to thousands of people who would otherwise not have access to treatment.”

Biogen Idec and Sobi are the duo behind the haemophilia treatment Alprolix that was granted market approval in the US earlier this year.