GSK publishes clinical data for Ebola vaccine

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Pharma-giants, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), has published early-stage clinical trial data that demonstrates the potential safety and efficacy of its new Ebola vaccine candidate.

The vaccine has been tested in a small phase I trial and was shown to be well-tolerated, producing immunological response in each of the 20 healthy adult volunteers in the US who received it.

GSK has developed the vaccine in partnership with the US National Institute of Health.

The therapy works through a type of chimpanzee cold virus as a carrier to deliver genetic material from two strains of the Ebola virus, the Sudan strain and the Zaire strain, with the latter being responsible for the current outbreak in West Africa.

The next phases of the clinical trial programme will begin in early 2015, with phase III studies to involve the vaccination of thousands of volunteers, including frontline healthcare workers in affected countries.

Chair of global vaccines at GlaxoSmithKline, Dr Moncef Slaqui said, “We are very encouraged by these positive first trial results showing this type of vaccine has an acceptable safety profile and can produce an immune response against Ebola in humans.”

GSK has been working with a number of global partners, including the World Health Organization, to aid with the development of the vaccine as much as possible.