GSK in global alliance to tackle African diseases

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has joined with scientists from the UK and South Africa to tackle non-communicable diseases in Africa.

A public-private partnership worth £5m has been established between GSK and the UK and South African Medical Research Councils to research non-communicable disease in Africa.

The pharma company has donated £1m to the project, with the UK and South African Councils contributing £2.5m and £1.5m respectively.

GSK will provide access to the company’s internal research expertise to help the scientists from both countries conduct research into a variety of conditions with a hope to develop means of combating the diseases.

Patrick Vallance, president of pharmaceutical development and research at GSK, said the new partnership “signifies growing agreement among the scientific community that collaboration is key to defeating some of the world’s biggest health problems.”

This new partnership follows GSK’s work with international organisations to fast-track the trial of the potential Ebola vaccine to cope with the recent outbreak.