GPs need swine flu guidance

A poll of GPs by has revealed that, so far, only 9% of GPs in the UK have been given regular, clear and concise guidance about swine flu by their primary care trust (PCT).

The research was conducted by, the UK’s largest and most active network of medical professionals.

The poll suggested that many respondents felt they were being deluged with information (44%), but that much of what was being communicated was unclear.

The poll also showed that 16% of GPs felt they had received contradictory advice from their PCT and other organisations.

Dr Tim Ringrose, Medical Director at, said: “Doctors have been battling to make sense of the stream of information from different sources. They are now looking for clear concise information to help them get prepared and to enable them to answer questions from the public.”

Responding to a significant number of questions from doctors about the disease, Chief Medical Officer, Sir Liam Donaldson, will address them directly in an exclusive podcast.

Dr Ringrose added: “The CMO’s decision to answer their questions directly through this online professional network is being welcomed by doctors across the country.”