GPs have little faith in NHS acute sector saving plans

 The majority of GPs across the UK do not believe the NHS acute sector will be able to achieve its share of the Government’s £20bn efficiency savings target, a survey highlights.

In a poll of 1,000 GPs, only 4% believe the sector can achieve savings through its own internal efficiency measures.

Murray Bywater, Managing Director of Silicon Bridge Research, says the survey results highlight that doctors have “little confidence” in the acute sectorin achieving the cost-cutting measures.

Instead, the majority of GPs believe a switch of NHS acute care services to community healthcare would achieve the required savings.

The survey highlights how doctors now want to see a greater emphasis and investment in community healthcare and a proportionate reduction in the NHS acute sector’s role and shows that GPs are now ready to address structural reform on community services.

More than half (57%) backed a move that implied a transfer of clinical activity to community care; almost a third (31 %) approved and a quarter (26%) are in favour of rebalancing the acute and community care sectors.

However, only 26% were in favour of reducing levels of tariff payments to acute sector providers or cutting hospital budgets directly.