Glenmark wins right to launch malaria generic in UK

malaria_mosquito_v2 Glenmark Generics (Europe) Ltd (GGEL) has launched a generic version of Glaxo’s successful anti-malaria drug Malarone in the UK, following the revocation of Glaxo’s patent.

The High Court determined that Glaxo could not block the launch of generic atovaquone proguanil, with the presiding judge saying the case was “obvious”.

The drug brought Glaxo £17.76m in the UK in 2012, a sizeable market that Glenmark is set to undercut.

Malarone is indicated for the prevention and treatment of acute, uncomplicated p.falciparum malaria, especially in patients resistant to treatment. It is recommended by the UK’s Malaria Reference Laboratory.

The mosquito that transmits malaria is not found in the UK, but prevention and treatment in people travelling to tropical regions can be necessary.

Rahul Garella, Glenmark’s Senior Vice President Europe, said: “Atovaquone proguanil is a well-established treatment for malaria. Doctors, pharmacists and consumers, in particular travellers, need to be made aware that there is now a first-class quality generic option available which can offer a more competitive solution.”

GGEL is based in the UK and sells, directly and through distribution partners, in the UK, Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden, with more than 300 generic drugs approved for sale in Europe.

It is the European arm of Glenmark Generics Ltd (GGL), which aims to be a leading global supplier of generic drugs and active ingredients. GGL is a subsidiary of the Glenmark Pharmaceuticals group, based in India.