GE Healthcare allies with GSK for cancer tests

GE Healthcare has announced a new partnership between its affiliate Clarient Diagnostic Services and pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) to create new cancer tests. 

The new alliance has been formed with the aim of improving access to diagnostic testing for cancer patients. The partnership will achieve through the establishment of a network of clinical laboratories which will identify genetic mutations associated with different types of tumour.

GE Healthcare will develop a subscription-based laboratory and data analytics service under the agreement that will improve efficiency in the oncology precision medicine market.

Clarient will initially certify laboratories and generate diagnostic data on metastatic melanoma patients. The first certified laboratories to begin work on this should be operational in a number of countries by early 2015.

Cindy Collins, chief executive officer at Clarient, said: “This global network of high quality diagnostic capability can be leveraged with confidence by all pharmaceutical companies in search of rigorously standardised oncology diagnostic services and data.”