Galderma marks Rosacea Awareness month with social media campaign

hands holding smart phones to show Digital interventions for behaviour change

Galderma is marking Rosacea Awareness Month (April) with new insights into why some patients are self-treating. The company is also launching a social media campaign using #RosaceaNoFilter, to raise awareness of the hidden impact of the disease beyond the visible impact.

Building on the expert-authored report ‘Rosacea: Beyond the visible’, which highlighted the true extent of the psychosocial burden of rosacea globally, Galderma has further delved into patient experience through research with an online community of patients.

The findings reveal that many rosacea patients may not be reconsulting with a healthcare professional (HCP) after losing faith in the medical profession as a result of previous unsuccessful experiences with prescribed medications or their dermatologist.

The research, involving more than 130 rosacea patients and their spouses in four countries, suggested that these patients are adopting a short-term approach to treatment, opting to self-treat with over-the-counter skincare products on an episodical basis, rather than visiting an HCP for prescription treatment advice.

Rosacea affects approximately 415 million people worldwide. The condition is most common in people aged 30 and above. It is a relapsing condition, meaning that patients experience periods of flare-ups, and every individual’s experience is different, making it a complex disease to treat.

Published in 2018, ‘Rosacea: Beyond the visible’, offered useful insights into the emotional, psychological and societal impact of rosacea. The report revealed that:

  • approximately 82% of people felt that their rosacea is not fully controlled
  • over half of those in active employment (55%) said that it impacted their work productivity
  • around 86% admitted to substantially changing their behaviour to avoid triggered flare ups, as a result experiencing a strain on their everyday lives.

Galderma is now partnering with top rosacea influencers to launch an empowering social media awareness movement during Rosacea Awareness Month, using the hashtag #RosaceaNoFilter.

Led by popular online rosacea patient influencers, with the aim of continuing conversations about the true burden of rosacea, #RosaceaNoFilter will encourage patients to share their personal experiences of living with this common inflammatory skin disease, in the form of selfie posts on social media.

Dr Kamel Chaouche, PhD, Head of Global Medical Affairs Rx SIG, Galderma Nestlé Skin Health, said: “Rosacea Awareness Month is the perfect opportunity to build on
the momentum of our Rosacea: Beyond the Visible campaign and encourage even more patients to find their voice and share their experiences.”