Five CCGs request authorisation switch

 Five clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) have requested to be switched from their original authorisation wave due to time constraints.

NHS Bolton CCG, NHS Hillingdon CCG and NHS Stafford and Surrounds were unable to meet the deadline for the second authorisation wave and have been pushed back into the third wave. NHS Essex CCG and NHS West Norfolk have also moved from the third wave to the fourth.

Dr Chaand Nagpaul, General Practitioner Committee negotiator, said the “political timetable” CCGs were given for each authorisation wave was “unrealistic for many”.

“It’s eminently sensible that CCGs should not rush to be authorised within a timescale quicker than their own choosing,” Dr Nagpaul said.

A spokesperson for the NHS CB said the requested switch was due to CCGs’ “own operational plans” and that changes were “expected and the NHS CB was pleased to support them”.

“We are working closely with all CCGs to guide and support their establishment: CCGs and the NHS CB share a common goal of creating a patient-focused, clinically-led and sustainable commissioning system, with flexibility to respond to local needs.”

The switch follows several other CCGs across the country which were moved back an authorisation wave at their own request or due to clerical errors by the NHS Commissioning Board. The changes now mean there will be 65 CCGs in wave three and 45 in the fourth authorisation wave.