First in radiology – FDA clears AI which flags intracranial haemorrhage

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Aidoc, a provider of AI solutions for radiologists has announced that it was granted Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance for the first product of its expanding suite of AI-based workflow optimisation solutions.

The clearance is for Aidoc’s brain solution that works with radiologists to flag acute intracranial hemorrhage (ICH) cases in head CTs and is the world’s first deep learning solution to assist radiologists in workflow triage.

With over 75% of all patient care involving radiology, the amount of imaging is skyrocketing while the number of radiologists is struggling to catch up. Radiologists are being pressured to produce quality results at a faster pace with increasing amounts of data, but with tools that are not up to the task. Aidoc combats this problem by providing radiologists with the most advanced solutions to increase efficiency and expedite patient care within their existing work environment.

Aidoc’s solution analyses medical images directly after the patient is scanned and notifies the radiologist of cases with suspected findings to assist with prioritisation of time-sensitive, and potentially life-threatening cases.

In under a year, Aidoc’s solutions have already been deployed in over 50 medical centers worldwide, where they are used on a daily basis, analyzing over 1 million exams a year.

Dr. Barry D. Pressman, MD, Chairman of Imaging at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and former president of ACR said, “In a recent clinical study, Aidoc’s brain package demonstrated its potential to substantially reduce report turnaround time and increase the radiologist’s confidence. Seeing the software in action emphasised the key aspects an AI solution needs to possess to have an impact on the radiologist day to day. With the evidence I’ve seen – in the not so distant future, it will almost be unthinkable to practice radiology without the assistance of solutions like Aidoc.”

Aidoc’s CEO Elad Walach commented, “We decided to focus our solution on acute pathologies where quality of care and time are of the essence. Radiologists are challenged with responding to large numbers of acute cases in a timely fashion. If you really want to impact the daily practice you have to cover a significant portion of the radiologist’s workflow. Our solution can sift through the whole worklist in the background and highlight cases that require immediate attention, improving radiologist’s response time.”