FDA approves device for artery repair


CorMatrix Cardiovascular, developer of extracellular matrix (ECM) biomaterial devices, has received FDA approval for its CorMatrix ECM device.

The indication for use in the US relates to the vascular reconstruction and repair of the carotid artery, including patch closure following endarterectomy and suture line buttressing.

David Camp, Chairman & CEO of CorMatrix, said: “We believe the unique properties of our CorMatrix material provide a new and vital alternative to current approaches in carotid artery repair.”

The device utilises CorMatrix’s ECM technology to provide a natural bio-scaffold to enable adjacent tissues to deliver cells and nutrients to the matrix, which then differentiate into tissue-specific cells, ending in the repopulation and repair of damaged tissue.

The company currently has US and European approval for its ECM technology as an implant for pericardial closure and for use in cardiac tissue repair.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, CorMatrix Cardiovascular both develops and delivers cardiovascular devices that harness the body’s ability to repair damaged tissue.