English HQ for Astellas Pharma Europe

 Astellas Pharma Europe has chosen an English site to house its new UK and European headquarters.

Offices in Chertsey, Surrey, have been picked by the Japanese pharmaceutical company, which has called its decision an act of faith in the British economy.

Ken Jones (pictured), President and Chief Executive of Astellas Pharma Europe, said the site shows “the confidence” the company has in the UK and it “marks a new chapter” for the organisation.

The firm was previously based in smaller offices in Staines, which employed several hundred people.

The move comes at a time when Astellas said it is now actively employing more staff and hopes to fill the site within the next five years. The company also revealed it is planning to launch ten new products in Europe by 2017.

“Astellas has long been out-performing the market and whilst bigger pharma firms are seeing their revenue shrink from patent expiries, we are seeing ours grow with new products and new areas of interest,” said Ken Jones.

“The UK is in tough times much like the rest of Europe, but we are working hard to get through adversity via innovation.”

The new HQ will be focused on sales and marketing for the company’s key disease areas in urology and transplantation medicines, and its future focus on oncology.