Dudley PCT goes out under budget

 Dudley PCT has declared a surplus of £5.9m prior to its handover to NHS Dudley CCG, which is in wave 1 of the approval process.

The CCG, a former ‘Pathfinder’ formed in 2010, has confirmed the appointment of its Accountable Officer and Chief Financial Officer.

Since April 2012, it has worked in ‘shadow’ form as a subcommittee of Dudley PCT with a budget of £388m – 95% of the budget it will hold from April 2013.

NHS Dudley CCG, which will have 52 member GP practices, has said it expects to save £500,000 per year by rationing procedures of ‘limited clinical value’ such as hip replacements and cataract surgery.

It claims recent success in reducing the mortality rate from stroke, accelerating the assessment of dementia patients, improving paediatric triage and reducing the incidence of C. difficile infections.

Paul Maubach, former Director of Commissioning Development at West Mercia PCT Cluster, has been appointed as the CCG’s Accountable Officer.

The acting Chief Financial Officer, Matt Hartland, has been confirmed as CFO. Steve Wellings and Julie Jasper have been appointed as lay board members.

Dr Mary Heber, consultant cardiologist at the Princess Royal Hospital in Telford, is the board’s secondary care doctor.