Dotmatics wins Queen’s Award for International Trade 2019

Dotmatics wins Queen's Award for Enterprise: International Trade

Provider of scientific informatics solutions and services, Dotmatics, has been recognised with a Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade 2019.

Dotmatics was founded in 2005 by its current directors, Stephen Gallagher and Alastair Hill, with a mission to give scientists access to all of their data, all of the time.

It typically takes 10-15 years and $2.6bn to bring a new drug to market; developing technology that supports scientists in accelerating this process is a key challenge for the pharmaceutical industry.

Recognising there was a growing need in scientific discovery for solutions that helped manage large volumes of data, Steve and Alastair developed a unique capability allowing scientists to access all relevant data in one place.

Dotmatics’ solutions help science organisations meet the challenges of the information age – allowing scientists to capture, analyse, and visualise data in a collaborative environment.

Dotmatics’ solutions are part of the thriving UK biotech ecosystem, which is recognised for its expertise all over the world. The company partners with several international organisations to help move the whole industry forwards.

From its UK beginnings, it has grown its global reach year on year; overseas sales have increased 375%, from £3m to £14.9m, and exports have risen from 69% to 85%.

Dotmatics’ main markets are the USA, Switzerland, Germany, Japan and Italy. Dotmatics has opened offices in San Diego, Boston, Seoul, Tokyo and Melbourne to serve its global customer base.

Gallagher and Hill said: “We are thrilled to be honoured with this award and are extremely grateful to our brilliant staff and customers for making it possible.”