launches new research service

A new online market research service for pharmaceutical marketers has been launched by, the largest and most active network of medical professionals in the UK.

The qualitative research service includes unique real-time interaction with medical professionals, group discussions and the ability to show visuals or videos.

The service from medeConnect Healthcare Insight, the market research division of, has many advantages over the traditional focus group approach, not least its ability to achieve quick turnaround times and its cost-effectiveness, says the company.

The qualitative service has been developed in response to the growing challenge of getting detailed information from hard-to-reach, geographically diverse and increasingly time-constrained clinicians.

Carwyn Jones, Head of Pharma at, said: “Clinicians are at the forefront of driving improvements in patient care, and gaining the best possible understanding of their opinions and the issues they face is critical. This new research tool will support the pharmaceutical industry in achieving change and driving forward new initiatives. It will also enable better measurement of the success of existing campaigns or programmes of activity.

Iain Findlay, Managing Director of medeConnect, added: “Given there are no geographical or time limitations to whom we can survey, we can secure the participation of doctors who would not take part in traditional research due to their distance from a central research location or time restrictions. As a result we can reach a wider and fresher sample of medical professionals and delve deeper into issues regarding patient care.”