Diabetic riders hit the road with Novo Nordisk

 Novo Nordisk has partnered with sporting organisations to launch a global sports team with more than 100 cyclists and athletes, all of whom have diabetes.

Team Novo Nordisk will compete in more than 500 sporting events worldwide in 2013, promoting effective diabetes control as a road to health and success.

The global team comprises cyclists, runners and triathletes, including the world’s first all-diabetic professional men’s cycling team.

The cyclists will compete in the USA Pro Cycling Challenge, the Tour of Britain and the Paris-Tours, with the goal of qualifying for the Tour de France.

“We stand for what life with diabetes can be like,” said Phil Southerland, founder of Team Novo Nordisk. “Exercise is that billion-dollar drug that nobody ever gets prescribed, and in my experience is the best of them all.”

Jakob Riis, Novo Nordisk’s Senior Vice President, Global Marketing and Global Medical Affairs, commented: “As part of our long-standing Changing Diabetes programme, this partnership provides a tremendous opportunity to raise awareness, and educate, empower and inspire people with diabetes.”

Changing Diabetes is Novo Nordisk’s global advocacy and partner platform, working to promote the prevention and early diagnosis of diabetes, as well as more effective treatment and care.

The Danish company has specialised in the treatment of diabetes for nearly 90 years, but only in the last decade has it seen the disease area become the developed world’s leading health issue.