DH sets out priorities

 The Department of Health says it will prioritise improving health, care and value amongst its main objectives in the next twelve months.

Its Corporate Plan 2012–2013 outlines how the DH will complement the Secretary of State’s five strategic objectives with six priority areas of its own.

These include:

  • Better health; Better care; Better value
  • Successful change – delivering the transition to the new system
  • Working with our partners
  • Transforming the DH itself.

Una O’Brien, DH Permanent Secretary, said the priorities are a result of a “great deal of planning”.

Following the passage of the Health and Social Care Act, the DH says it now has a “firm platform” from which is can “build clarity” about the direction of the health and social care system.

The objective to improve health, care and value relate directly to the Department’s “enduring purpose”, it says, in supporting key business priorities until April 2013.

The Department aims to continue the work it does towards the changes outlined in the Health and Social Care Act to the structure of the NHS, whilst recognising the different methods required to work alongside partners.

Finally, it aims to transform the organisation to “develop its capability”.

“We have important work to do in the next 12 months to engage all staff in a vision for the new DH and in helping you to understand the practical changes needed to behaviours and working practices to reflect our changing role,” said Una O’Brien.

“I believe that the plans set out here reflect the realism and creativity of all the teams across the DH and I look forward to working with you throughout this important year ahead.”