Critical care monitor wins UK design award

A diuresis monitor used in intensive care has won a major UK design award for its safety and ease of use.

The UnoMeter Safeti Plus from ConvaTec has received a Design Business Association (DBA) Gold Award for Design Effectiveness at DBA’s annual awards ceremony in London.

The DBA judging committee said the UnoMeter Safeti Plus was “Just a great example of practical, no frills design, focused on making life easier for the user – borne out of strong consultation and research.”

Established in 1989, the DBA Design Effectiveness Awards recognise the integral role of effective design in business success.

The Safeti Plus is used for hourly diuresis monitoring of critically ill patients. It was launched by Unomedical, a ConvaTec company, in the UK and across Europe two years ago.

The new monitoring device was developed as a successor to the UnoMeter Safeti, offering improved user and patient safety and ease of use in response to the growing emphasis on infection control in hospitals. The background research and design development was conducted by PDD, a London-based design and innovation consultancy.

“Research conducted by Unomedical and PDD in hospitals across several European countries identified specific areas of opportunity to improve the product’s design,” said Paul Moraviec, President, ConvaTec Continence & Critical Care and EMEA Region.

“Witnessing the ‘work-arounds’ employed by nurses to cope with the pressure of their working day led the team to make subtle yet important changes that have resulted in rapid customer acceptance, sales growth, and now industry recognition for UnoMeter.”

Since its launch, sales of the Safeti Plus have exceeded market growth and the company’s predictions.