Circassia’s re-branded NIOX VERO asthma control device

Image of NIOX VERO asthma control device

Circassia has unveiled a major re-brand of its NIOX VERO asthma control device.

NIOX VERO® was launched at last month’s European Respiratory Society Congress in Paris, the re-brand was delivered by London strategic design consultancy Precipice.

Precipice worked with asthma nurses and senior consultants across Europe, the US and China in a bid to create a new brand identity in touch with the needs of clinicians and their patients.

NIOX VERO® is a point-of-care device for assessing airway inflammation in patients with respiratory problems such as asthma. Allergic airway inflammation is the major underlying cause of asthma. NIOX VERO® exploits the discovery that patients with allergic airway inflammation generally have higher than normal levels of nitric oxide in their exhaled breath.

By measuring the concentration of this nitric oxide, clinicians can evaluate allergic airway inflammation in patients with underlying asthma.

Precipice aimed to create a future-proofed brand architecture that both works for Circassia’s current products and provides a platform for pipelines into the 2020s.

Designers tapped into the rich history of NIOX VERO asthma control device to create a refreshed identity true to the heritage of the technology. Conducting semiotic analysis across the globe, Precipice designers created a stunning brand proposition elevated above the generic branding that has become commonplace in healthcare.

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Precipice Chief Design Officer Miles Hawley said: “We worked with healthcare professionals and Circassia employees across the world to create a new visual brand language for NIOX VERO® in tune with the realities of the world of respiratory care now and in the next decade.

“NIOX VERO® represents the gold standard in respiratory care and it was important the rebrand reflected Circassia’s rich heritage.”

Circassia Senior Marketing Manager Kieran Gormley said : “Precipice created a brand architecture that works for both our current product offering and our future pipeline. Their work was truly innovative and ensures we are well-placed to enter the 2020s with confidence.”