CIPD strengthens its HR standards code

 The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) has issued a revised and strengthened Code of Professional Conduct for Human Resources professionals.

The revised Code is intended to shift the balance of responsibility away from the employer towards self-regulation within the HR profession.

For the first time, the CIPD will provide independent panels for the investigation of complaints and for disciplinary action.

The new Code, which comes into force on 1 July 2012, lists the CIPD’s requirements under four headings: professional competence and behaviour, ethical standards and integrity, representative of the profession, and stewardship.

The new complaints and disciplinary arrangements are intended to give CIPD members more ownership of the investigation process and open up disciplinary cases to a wider group of professionals.

Any valid complaint regarding an alleged breach of the Code will be handled first by an Investigation Panel of CIPD members. Where this panel determines that the Code has been breached, the case will be referred to a formal Disciplinary Panel of appropriately experienced and trained professionals.

Vicky Wright, Chair of the CIPD’s Nominations and Professional Conduct Committee, said: “Our new Code of Professional Conduct is an evolution of our existing Code. But it also marks a raising of the bar in terms of the maintenance and enforcement of clear, simple, rigorous standards in HR professional practice.

“Designed by the profession, and with responsibility for investigating and adjudicating complaints resting firmly with the Institute and a qualified body of professionals, this represents the establishment of modern, best practice self-regulation for the HR profession.”

The CIPD is the world’s largest organisation for chartered HR and development professionals, with over 135,000 members in 120 countries.