Cegedim and GIG Retail partner to deliver in-store advertising for pharmacies

Cegedim and GIG Retail partner to deliver data-driven in-store advertising for pharmacies

Cegedim Healthcare Solutions has announced a new partnership with GIG Retail, to deliver consumer-focused in-store advertising campaigns for pharmacies through Cegedim’s ‘Pharmacy Display’ solution.

Based on advanced retail data insights provided by GIG Retail, community pharmacies across the UK will benefit from more visually appealing digital campaigns; enhanced involvement with NHS Health and wellbeing initiatives; and elevated promotion for pharmaceutical manufacturers’ over-the-counter (OTC) medicines.

Pharmacy Display offers state of the art complete hardware, software and service-based communications that can be used both in-store and in shop windows, allowing pharmacies to elevate their NHS service and retail model. The content is targeted at specific audiences who have been identified by GIG Retail’s analysis to promote better wellbeing, increase the awareness of medical conditions and encourage speaking to the pharmacist with queries.

The collaboration allows for curated, fresh and eye-catching content for pharmacies that is updated throughout the year, and produced by an expert team of pharmacy specialists, content marketers, journalists and motion designers. The focus can range from official NHS resources to health awareness campaigns, Evergreen and Seasonal campaigns alongside adverts, to promote consumer wellbeing and educate audiences to be proactive in pursuing positive wellbeing and health.

Gerard North, Head of Out of Home at GIG Retail said: “Our advanced data assessment of the pharmacy industry has enabled us to partner with Cegedim to curate the best methods for increasing brand awareness and sales within pharmacies, as well as driving demand for non-OTC, OTC and prescription-only medicine through collaboration with pharma manufacturers. Through Cegedim’s in-store and street-facing window displays we are able to drive store footfall with strong product placement blended with NHS health and seasonal guidance to encourage better wellbeing. We are focused on providing each type of consumer with the right tailored information to promote health, and cultivate a brand to consumer connection. This partnership enables us to provide the right message to the right person, at the right place and time to encourage consumers to take action.”

Gianpiero Celino, Clinical Director, Cegedim Healthcare Solutions, said: “Community pharmacies are the first line in health and care offering accessible, trusted advice and services conveniently located for the public. As the NHS focuses on delivering proactive and preventative care it is important that pharmacies work with the NHS and Consumer Healthcare brands to deliver clear and compelling communication, educating patients and the public to support the NHS. Our partnership with GIG retail will help pharmacy operators adopt agile and responsive campaigns enabling the sector to enhance its retail and healthcare service offering to consumers. We are delighted that Cegedim technology, combined with GIG retail data insight, can help to improve population health outcomes, while also benefitting pharmacies and brands.”