Cedegim UK launches clinical decision system

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Cegedim UK has announced the launch of Cegedim Clinical Data Services with immediate effect.

According to NICE guidelines, increasing patient involvement in the medicines decision-making process requires that healthcare professionals acknowledge patients’ views about their condition and its treatment, and that both healthcare professionals and patients have a role in making decisions about treatment. In clinical practice, one way to implement this approach is to use information technology and a clinical decision support ‘system’ or ‘tool’ along with evidence-based medicine and clinical experience.

Cegedim Clinical Data Services can be used to integrate with primary or secondary care IT systems to support healthcare professionals with accurate and safe prescribing and dispensing aligned against a specific patient record, including drug indications, contra indications, side effects, as well as sensitivities and allergies and cautions of use.

In addition, Cegedim Clinical Data Services offers an accurate and up to date drug database curated to DM&D NHS standards, providing essential product level information. The dataset provides a full list of NHS approved items, both prescribed and dispensed, updated bi-weekly. Product level information allows for easier electronic re-ordering incorporating EAN, PIP code and DM&D codes, together with wholesaler codes.

The NICE guidelines define clinical decision support as ‘an active, computerised intervention [incorporated within clinical IT systems] that occurs at the time and location of prescribing, to support prescribers with decision-making’, and suggest that such a system should be able to identify important safety issues; allow health professionals to acknowledge mandatory alerts; reflect the best available, up-to-date evidence; and contain useful clinical information to reduce ‘alert fatigue’.

Gary Hollis, Head of Clinical Data Services, said: “Our dedicated team of pharmacists and data analysts continuously curate information on the administration and safe use of drugs, including drug interactions, guidance on dosage, and adverse drug reactions. We have curated clinical data for our own NHS accredited primary care prescribing and dispensing software systems for over 25 years, and we are now pleased to make this information available to the wider market as a standalone dataset.”