CE Mark for laparoscopic device


Minimally Invasive Devices Inc. has been awarded the CE Mark for the FloShield laparoscopic visualisation system.

The FloShield system provides a clear view during laparoscopic procedures, using airflow to deflect debris from its lens without the need to clean the scope’s lens manually.

Surgeons sometimes have to interrupt surgery as often as ten times per hour to remove the scope from the abdominal cavity in order to defog the lens manually.

FloShield dramatically reduces, and often eliminates, intermissions to clean the lens.

Wayne Poll, inventor of FloShield, M.D and CEO of MID, stated: “FloShield represents the last hurdle in laparoscopic visualization.”

The FloShield system received FDA approval in 2008, and is used in approximately 40 hospitals throughout the US.

The company is also developing complimentary technology that manages the entire air space in laparoscopic surgery, which will improve the environment and experience for laparoscopic surgeons.