Cancer treatments unite Merck Serono and Sutro Biopharma

Merck Serono and Sutro Biopharma have entered an alliance to develop ADCs for cancer treatment.

A new collaboration and licence agreement has been established between Merck Serono and Sutro Biopharma to allow the pair to develop antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) to treat cancer.

The union will bring together Merck’s target biology expertise with Sutro’s technology platforms within oncology to explore the potential of ADCs as therapies delivered directly to cancerous cells.

Sutro will provide ADCs for the initial clinical trials, with Merck taking responsibility for developing and potentially commercialising any promising products. Both parties hope to be able to target unmet need by developing new therapies for cancer patients through the alliance.

Andree Blaukat, senior vice president and head of cancer-related translational innovation at Merck Serono, said: “This collaboration with Sutro is reflective of our ongoing commitment to advancing innovation that may provide new therapies for patients.”