Blue light agent for bladder cancer detection


A new fluorescent imaging agent to assist detection of papillary cancer of the bladder has been adopted by Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in the USA.

Cysview (known in Europe as Hexvix) is licensed by GE Healthcare from Norwegian company Photocure ASA.

Used with patients who are known or suspected to have bladder cancer, it guides blue light fluorescence cytoscopy (pictured), which highlights cancerous lesions in the bladder.

The use of Cysview for cytoscopy has been shown to improve surgical outcomes relative to standard white light cytoscopy alone.

Bladder cancer, most commonly caused by smoking, is the fourth most common type of cancer in men and the eighth most common in women.

“Bladder cancer is difficult to detect,” said Dr Leonard Gomella, Associate Director for Clinical Affairs at the Kimmel Cancer Center at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. “A missed diagnosis can result in delayed or incomplete treatment, which may lead to serious complications and a lower chance of survival.

“Cysview represents an important advance in diagnostic technology, enabling more accurate diagnosis of bladder tumours compared to the standard technique. By facilitating early diagnosis of bladder cancer, this innovative imaging agent can enable appropriate, timely treatment that may improve patients’ chances of survival.”