Bedrock leads the way in health ‘edutainment’

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Award-winning healthcare communications agency Bedrock has fast become an industry-leader in the world of edutainment, using short feature films to convey complex health messages.

The agency notes that “in today’s environment, our collective audiences are attuned to understanding themes from intelligent, thought-provoking media”. Indeed, Bedrock argues that this is why more and more consumer companies are moving away from brand or promotion-focused adverts.

CEO David Youds told PF that campaigns by the likes of John Lewis at Christmas have shown that short feature films “can be worth a thousand words, communicating healthcare issues with real impact, cutting through background noise”. His company has been putting its money where its mouth is in healthcare edutainment in the last year and has financed a pioneering new film, In Memory.

The film tells the story of elderly couple who, after a long life together, are struggling to cope daily with the husband’s advancing dementia. It has already won an international short film award (in North Carolina) and last week bagged a bronze in the craft award for film at the PM Society awards.

Mr Youds says it provides “an in-depth view of the struggles that elderly couples go through in coping with dementia, but from a rather different standpoint”.

There will be a special private showing of In Memory on February 11 at 6.30pm at Curzon Mondrian London. Places are strictly limited due to the size of this exclusive venue so to register your interest, email