Baxter buys biopharma business

Baxter has purchased privately-owned biopharma organisation AesRx.

The US biopharma company AesRx, which focuses on orphan drug targets, has been purchased by Baxter for an unknown figure. While the price has not been disclosed, Baxter has suggested that future payments are likely depending on the development of potential treatments.

Baxter has its sights on AesRx’s Aes 103, an investigational prophylactic treatment for sickle cell disease that is undergoing phase II trials and complements the pharma company’s existing focus on haemophilia treatments.

Dr Ludwig Hantson, president of Baxter BioScience, said the acquisition of AesRx offers access to a “compound that has the potential to address an extremely high unmet clinical need in a community with inadequate treatment options and no recent major clinical developments.”

This new acquisition comes as Baxter prepares to transform its biopharmaceutical unit into an independent business.