AstraZeneca to launch Health Heart Africa Scheme in Kenya

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AstraZeneca has announced it will launch a new programme aimed at tackling the burden of hypertension in Africa.  

The organisation plans to support local health systems by increasing awareness of the symptoms and risks of hypertension through the Health Heart Africa scheme.

The scheme will raise awareness through offering education, screening, treatment and control of the illness.

The organisation plans to launch the scheme in Kenya before it is actioned out to other nations at a later stage.

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death among those aged over 45 in Africa, which signifies the importance of AstraZeneca’s project.

The programme was developed following careful consultation and collaboration with non-governmental and community-based organisations, international organisations, health experts and governments.

It will commence with a demonstration projects running for 12-18 months that test different models of integrating hypertension care into existing health platforms.

International Executive Vice-President at AstraZeneca, Mark Mallon, said the company will ensure the programme’s sustainability “by taking on a holistic approach to healthcare delivery, establishing strong working partnerships and securing local ownership through collaboration at all levels of the healthcare system.”

This news follows after the organisation announced four new collaborations with the University of Cambridge earlier this month, driving medical innovation while deepening its roots in the Cambridge area.