Antimicrobial dressing can heal advanced wounds


A new antimicrobial dressing suitable for severe and highly exudating wounds has been launched in the UK.

Hydrofera Blue (pictured) from Swindon-based company Synergy Health has been developed from blood purification technology.

The dressing is made from poly-vinyl alcohol (PVA) foam that can absorb up to 25 times its own mass in fluids, while binding and eliminating endotoxins.

The foam is combined with two active organic pigments, Gentian Violet and Methylene Blue, which have broad-spectrum bactericidal properties.

The unique construction of Hydrofera Blue means that no antimicrobial chemicals are deposited in the wound.

The combination of pigments was invented by Dr Edward Shanbrom, a pioneer in the use of natural products to cleanse blood.

Hydrofera Blue is effective against the most common pathogens that affect wounds in the UK, including E. coli and MRSA.

The sponge-like foam base of the dressing means that it is both comfortable and durable, and contours easily to the wound bed.

The product has been used extensively in the US since 2003, but until now has not been available to the UK healthcare market. Synergy Health is currently evaluating its use in acute and community settings.

Hydrofera Blue is available in a range of sizes for wounds varying from moderate to heavily exudating. Tunnel and ostomy versions are also available.

Rachel Downham, Woundcare Product Manager for Synergy Health, said: “Hydrofera Blue provides a real step change in advanced wound care management. It has the potential to increase the rate of wound healing and improve pain and odour control, offering big advantages from both a patient comfort and a cost reduction perspective.”

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