Allergan in slow-release eye drug partnership

eye-rvo Leading healthcare company Allergan has formed an exclusive licence agreement with a drug delivery specialist to develop slow-release versions of its eye care drugs.

InnoCore Pharmaceuticals will use its SynBiosys polymeric drug delivery platform to formulate Allergan’s drugs into injectable products that take effect for months following a single ocular injection.

The agreement expands the existing collaboration between the two companies to develop long-acting ophthalmic drugs.

The SynBiosys drug delivery platform is based on unique biodegradable polymers that allow precise, site-specific drug delivery for a chosen period of time, from a few weeks to many months.

InnocCore’s drug release depot technologies include microspheres, solid implants, coatings and gels.

Jan Hendriks, CEO of InnoCore, said: “We are very excited that we have expanded this important partnership with Allergan, [which] is widely recognised as a leading company in the development of controlled-release ophthalmology medicines.

“Expanding our partnership with Allergan is a great opportunity for us to further grow InnoCore in line with our ambitions.”

Based in Groningen, The Netherlands, InnoCore has formed partnerships with a number of pharma and biotech companies over the last decade to develop long-acting drug formulations.

Allergan, which began as an eye care specialist, is now a multi-specialty healthcare company based in California, US.