AIDS organisations call for clinical trial data transparency

HIV-Ribbon web A broad coalition of HIV/AIDS advocacy organisations in Europe and the US has called on patient groups to support the AllTrials initiative.

AllTrials is campaigning, with support from medical and regulatory bodies, for the publication of all clinical drug trial data to become the norm.

The statement from 39 organisations and individuals says the attempt by the two major pharmaceutical trade associations, EPFIA in Europe and PhRMA in the US, to mobilise patient groups against AllTrials is “extremely disturbing and regrettable”.

It notes: “AllTrials aims to address the dangerous information gap that opens up when data from clinical trials of new therapies or therapeutic approaches are not reported (or the trials are not even registered).”

The “last-ditch attempt” to block a shift to greater clinical data transparency “must be vociferously opposed,” the statement argues, and “pharmaceutical companies that belong to these trade groups should publicly reject it.”

From the perspective of HIV/AIDS research, which depends heavily on medical innovation, the campaigners argue that “the disclosure of all clinical trials results” is “essential to the improvement of public health”.

Signatories to the statement include the European AIDS Treatment Group, the Global Network of People Living with HIV, the HIV Fair Pricing Coalition and the Treatment Action Group.