ABPI responds to vaccination programmes consultation

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The ABPI has expressed significant concern that recommendations set out in the consultation on the Cost-effectiveness Methodology for Immunisation Programmes and Procurement (CEMIPP) would impact negatively on the health of the nation by making it harder for people to access vaccines on the NHS in the future.

Concerns about the methodology used to assess immunisation programmes were first raised during the appraisal of the vaccine for Meningococcal B. Four years on, the CEMIPP recommendations, if implemented, will achieve the opposite of what more than 800,000 petitioners called for.

The ABPI welcomes the commitment to a public consultation on the recommendations of the report. The organisation commented that it was vital that the views of a wide range of stakeholders were fully considered before a decision is made on whether the recommendations set out in the CEMIPP report should be implemented.

Dr Paul Catchpole, Value & Access Director at the ABPI, said: “The UK currently has a world-leading immunisation programme so it is profoundly concerning that proposals to introduce stricter hurdles for one of the most effective public health interventions available to us are even being considered.”