Investment in nonwoven technology drives innovation

HIV remission achieved in a second patient

The Nonwovens Innovation & Research Institute (NIRI) has invested significantly in a range of new equipment, offering even greater scope to help companies develop better-performing products and processes.

NIRI has worked with many of the major global healthcare companies on a diverse range of new products and processes.  Recent projects include:

  • Fibre-based implantable materials
  • Chronic wound care and exudate management
  • Blood filtration efficiency improvement and removal of antibodies from blood to create universal plasma
  • Infection control, helping reduce healthcare-associated Infections in clinical settings
  • Pharmaceutical and drug delivery.

NIRI has responded to continued growth in the hygiene sector, where the balance of mechanical properties and user comfort is considered alongside biodegradability and dispersibility, through the specification and purchase of bespoke testing equipment.

Their new liquid strike through time and re-wet testing equipment measures the penetration time for successive insults of a desired liquid through a sample’s surface in conjunction with the sample’s resistance to release liquid to its surface under loading. These measurements are pertinent when analysing hygiene products, and considering end user comfort and well-being.

A new fluff pulp specific volume and absorption tester SCAN-test, designed in accordance to SCAN-C 33:80, measures the specific volume of a pulp fluff specimen in conjunction with its absorbent capacity and the speed of a desired liquid under a standard load.

Dr Matthew Tipper, Business Director at NIRI, said: “With over 10 years’ track record in successful R&D, this investment in testing and prototyping equipment enhances our extensive facilities, further helping realise the business imperatives of our clients.”