3D spinal correction set launched


The first surgical instrumentation system designed for minimally invasive 3D correction of complex spinal deformities has been launched worldwide.

The VIPER 3D MIS Correction Set from DePuy Spine, a Johnson & Johnson company, consists of devices and instruments for a range of correction processes.

The system’s focus on minimally invasive surgery (MIS) promises to reduce infection rates and hospital stay times compared with open surgery.

3D spinal corrections are used to treat complex medical conditions such as adult degenerative scoliosis (ADS) by aligning an abnormally curved spine. At present, most of these procedures require open surgery.

The new set includes devices for 360-degree correction; sagittal alignment and derotation; and orientation at individual levels. It can be fitted with any combination of bone screws in an MIS or open setting, enabling surgeons to customise the technique according to patient needs.

Praveen Mummaneni, MD, one of DePuy Spine’s design consultants, said: “The VIPER 3D Set makes performing complex corrections through small incisions less challenging and should help surgeons offer the minimally invasive option to more patients.”

“DePuy Spine continues to work to develop minimally invasive surgical devices and instruments that are intuitive and versatile to better help surgeons adopt the technique for appropriate spinal pathologies,” commented Namal Nawana, Worldwide President of DePuy Spine.

The VIPER 3D Set has received the 2011 Edison Best New Product Award for innovation in the medical and scientific category. It has also won a J&J award, the Johnson Medal, for innovation, patient impact and perseverance in ensuring the success of a product.