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Commemorating the pharmaceutical industry coming together with the NHS

Pharmafield is the media partner for the Pf Awards, working in partnership for over 22 years.

The Pf Award categories for 2021 were very much in recognition to the response to and recognition of how individuals, teams and companies adapted in terms of the Covid-19 pandemic. Pf Awards 2022 has a suite of categories that encompass the reintroduction of the traditional roles and some of the categories from this year too.

Our Pf Award categories have been broadened to include our colleagues in communications, HR, training, marketing as well as sales.

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Sponsorship opportunities

Sponsorship opportunities are available for pharmaceutical companies and key service

Align your company with the top performers in the country. Have your branding seen by 500+ people during the live Pf Awards Dinner.

Find out more at or call a member of the team on 01462 226126.

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